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Consolidated Indictment

SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST
Copied Forward To The International Court Of Justice & The War Crimes Tribunal
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{The Following Details The Consequence Upon Canada For Breaching The Mandamus Writ
As Issued Through The Royal Prerogative Regarding Continued Maritime Waterway Contaminations}
Just & Good Cause Syllabus
HRM Compact Absolute Monarchical Royal Prerogative WRIT
Bidding Options On The Bank Of Canada Auctioned Assets
[Allegation : The Constitutional Crown Canada has exceeded its customary law and international law jurisdiction in claiming statutory authority to govern in all territories north of the 49 parallel since 1867 by way of enacting provisions to form a constitution, charter, state amd nation through the monarch Elizabeth II]

[Note : varaince of right of reign and rule between the absolute monarchy and the constitutional monarchy]

[Note : For the purposes of this document "aboriginal" and "IRSV-IDSV" are to be known and understood as being human beings whose ancestry has uneqivably established "first, continued and consecutive settler status as aginst any other claim; in particular, as related to the Catholic Church / Holy See Papal Bulls Inter Caetera & Romanus Pontifex {Terra Nullius} as establisng the Doctrines of Discovery which declared non-Christians as non-humans, not capable of real esate ownership or governace - "no-one-home" policies enforced against European monarchs through Papal Edicts of death and condemnation to Hell for transgressance]

Note : Regarding the claimed purchase of real esate from "aboriginals" by the Hudson's Bay Company; and, consequent resale to the Founding Compact forming the 1867 Canada Confederation, The Hudson's Bay Company Charter was null and void in absence of parliamentary (long or short) approval of the Charles II Decree - including, the awrd of real estate to his cousin Prince Rupert - the 1670 HBC Charter also prohibited real esate purchases; only granting right to enter into trade agreements : JE Fitzgerald 1849]

[Note : Treaties, like any other enforceable contract requires four basic elements (a) legal capacity or jurisdiction to enter into a contract (b) a meeting of the minds; (c) exchange of consideration; and, (d) yerms & conditions to be complient with enforceable law]

(A) Approved Class Claim : Principal : Kwa'mutsun Nation State : Complainant
(B) Canada in right of Elizabeth II : Respondent

Holding of the Court of the absolute monarchy of  HRM Hwuneem at the independent soverign Kwa'mutsun Nation State :
(a) Crown Canada has committed breach and contempt of the Royal Prerogative Decree to comply with the HRM Hwuneem Court held in absentia upon Crown Canada by failing to submit the ordered $2 Billion USD financial penalty within the stipulated time limit of February 11th, 2015;
(b) Crown Canada, having been served with Notice To Comply with the $2 Billion USD Financial Penalty Mandamus Writ, supra, is now subject to the sanctioned seizure into the HRM Hwuneem Trust of all residues from the auctioned Bank of Canada assets, as are to be disposed of through the Bidding Options Public Auction [BOPA];
(c)  Whereas additional intervenor complaints have been submitted into the original Class Action Claim [CAC] regarding outstanding civil claims for relief and compensation on outstanding matters arising from:
  1. Claims as launched by estates and siblings of deceased victims of Indian Residential Schools (IRSV) and Indian Day Schools (IDSV) [note : 2009 Class Action launched claiming $15 Billion compensation] regarding the allegations of corrupt compensation Terms & Conditions (based upon alleged prejudice and bias as arising within the archaic and inhumane contexts of the Doctrine of Discovery; and, not as to be based upon the international law standards; including, but, not limited to Fundamental Human Rights) (awarded compensation averaged at <10% of similar awards granted at the time to "non-aboriginal" victim children in Canada and the United States of America) (>50,000 children perished at these IRS and IDS government endorsed genocidal and cultracidal institutions);
  2. Claims for financial recovery from legal counsels for these said IRSV and IDSV regarding allegationed demand collection (lawyers refused to forward compensation payments to victims unless legal fees of circa 43% were agreed upon in advance) of excessive fees collected by legal counsel for inadequate counselling to these said victims within the parameters of Free Prior Informed Consent; in particular, as within the context of reverse onus shall be presumed to be upon the Respondent legal counsels, as above;
  3. Apparent prejudicial and biased Crown prosecution and judicial rendering of criminal convictions against Respondent "aboriginal" persons; resulting in federal corrections facilities populations being >70% male "aboriginal" human beings; and, >30% female "aboriginal" human beings
  4. It is further noted that 70% of children currently being seized into Crown Canada provincial care are "aboriginal" children
  5. Crown Canada is duty bound under established international law and customary law to provide state-funded competent legal counsel of choice to each individual human being first settler, as residing within the disputed territories north of the 49th parallel; in particular, as mandated within the doctrine of Gus Wen Tah / Two Row Wampum / Peace, Trust Friendship; and, as provide for within the Free, Prior, Informed Consent doctrines

Applied Progressive Logic In Formulating The Jurisdiction To Hold Court In The Matter Of The Complaint Aagainst Canada:
  1. The HRM Hwuneem absolute monarchy reigns and rules paramount to the conditional "righ-to-land" provisions extended to the constitutional monarchy of  the Elizabeth II
  2. The customary laws and international laws provide paramount jurisdictional right of dominion to HRM Hwuneem in the above complainant(s) claims; and,
  3. Elizabeth II and Canada concurred in 2005 to these obligations, supra, by responding letter form in 2005
HRM Hwuneem is consolidating the intervenor submissions into the decreed penalties as judged upon Crown Vanada, supra. There is no appeal. The Bank of Canada assets auction bidding options program has commenced as of A.M. business day February 12th, 2015.

International endorsement of such actions is in place.

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SINCE TIME BEGAN : salus populi suprema est lex - the right of the people is the supreme law : IN TRUTH WE TRUST

Socio-Economic Stabilization Through The Absolute Monarchy

WHY Auctioning Off The Central Bank's A$$ets Leads To Economic RECOVERY
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