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Entering The 21st Century Through Fundamental Resource Stewardship 
Pasting Humpty Back Together Again Using Organic Glues
Accelerating the Competitive Edge Through The Absolute Monarchy

Throughout the history of leadership, man has been determined to meet the challenges of the elements; and, throughout this quest, to maintain a relationship between creation and the harsh realities of never being in sustained comfort or security. The 3%rs understand the principles of limited resources within fixed economies of scale.
This human enterprise mission is one best described as originating through an understood social contract that originates in the majestic stewardship relationship between the Creator and the human being.

It remains today - and, shall be sustained into the next millenia - that our duty of care is to be one rooted into the fabric of simple survival. This quest to maintain our presence and vigour to seek out the next day is the critical element that embraces the challenges of surviving birthing and security of the home; where there is constant risk, accompanied with the uncertainty of both the natural forces of our environment and the vagaries of the human ethic.

It is our human custom to organize our individual skills into a consolidated regime or governance; and, therein, seeking out the acceptable balance between the individual and the state.

The certainty of governance is constantly thwarted by the ever unfolding and evolutionary mysteries of geographic and environmental upheavals. And, therefore, our political structures reflect this chaos.

Human beings innately understand that there is a relationship between ourselves and the Creator (some prefer this to be expressed as "creation" or "evolution" without the context of imparting some spiritual "conspiracy" - or, "breathing together").